Glass Stairs Balustrade

``Custom design for an amazing unobstructed look``.


Glass Balustrading for Staircases in Perth.

Premium Glass Pool Fencing supply and install stunning glass balustrade for your stairs and mezzanine voids. We custom make the glass panels to suit your new or existing stairs. We use A grade toughened safety glass to comply with Australian standards. Normally the glass panels are 12mm thick.

By law, glass balustrade projects require a handrail. We can provide square or rounded hand rail styles and various materials from marine grade stainless steel, aluminium or wood. The hand rail can be top mounted or side mounted (offset).

14.28mm SGP Glass

SGP is a laminated A grade toughened glass which by law does not require the installation of a handrail. This product is 3 layers, 2 outer layers of glass with a laminate centre. Installations using this type of glass provide an unobstructed view.


All glass panels are to be a minimum height of 1000mm from finished surfaces. For the installation of the glass balustrading we can use stainless steel duplex 2205 spigots or stand offs.


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