Frameless Glass

`` Perfect harmony between safety and aesthetic. ``


Architectural Frameless Glass Pool Fencing in Perth.

Ultimate in style

Frameless glass pool fencing is the ultimate choice in pool fencing, providing a clear view of your pool and the surrounding landscape, without sacrificing safety for your kids.

Premium Glass Pool Fence systems encapsulate a unique and minimalist look, offering the latest trend in architectural design.

It is no longer necessary to settle for intrusive mesh or unsightly metal fences that obscure backyard views.

Frameless enclosures ensure that natural light penetrates through our tempered glass panels, transforming properties into a symbol of elegance and luxury.

Flameless glass pool fences increase residential and commercial real estate property values.


Safe and Secure

Pool fencing is about protecting the safety of your loved ones and at Premium Glass Pool Fencing it is our utmost priority. Your family and friends safety is our number 1 priority with all glass pool barriers we install.

Unsafe and incorrectly fenced pools can be extremely dangerous. Offering a completely unobstructed view of your pool, frameless glass pool fencing gives you the ability to supervise your children. Furthermore, glass barrier is the most difficult surface to climb as there is no framing or bars to step on.

When it comes to ensuring safety and elegance around your pool, frameless glass pool fencing is without doubt the pinnacle of sophistication and safety.

Thanks to constant advances in technologies we have a glass pool fencing product to offer to the homeowners of Perth that is timelessly beautiful and safe. Aesthetics and safety have finally evolved in pool fencing and Premium Glass pool fencing are able to supply and install your frameless glass pool fencing at very competitive prices. Call us or click here to arrange a free measure and quote.


Premium Quality

At Premium Glass Pool Fencing we use our experience and technical know-how to custom design your fully compliant frameless glass pool fence to achieve the perfect balance of aesthetic appeal, security, strength and durability.

We offer the finest quality fencing systems available in the marketplace. Unlike our competitors, Premium Glass Pool Fencing systems are sturdy, last forever and require less upkeep than other fencing options.

Our fencing materials are made with the highest quality 316 marine grade fittings, heavy duty duplex 2205 stainless steel bolt through spigots and high grade heat soaked tempered glass panels.

Premium Glass Pool Fencing service the Perth market with a wide range of products and solutions for both residential and commercial glass pool fencing needs.


The BCA (Building Code of Australia) and Council regulations in Perth, Western Australia require that a concrete strip footing for the spigots is laid underground prior to the installation of a frameless glass pool fence.

This is a very important structural and safety requirement to guarantee the appropriate strength of your frameless glass fencing due to natural settling of the ground caused by rain, reticulation, soak wells, ant nests, etc.

The underground strip footing bonds all the glass panels together, giving stronger structural support compared to individual footings.


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    12 mm A Grade clear toughened safety glass.

    10-12mm toughened safety glass gate.

    Self closing hinges stainless steel 316 marine grade.

    Child safety lockable magna latch.

    Square or Round Spigots

    » Heavy duty stainless steel duplex 2205 spigots.

    Engineered products with test reports.

    Fence installed to comply with Australian Standards AS1926.1

    Council Building Application BA2 form.

    Glass fencing 3D Design and Planning.


    Hydraulic soft close gate system.

    Heavy duty hinges duplex stainless steel 2205.

    Enduro Shield protective coating with 10 years of warranty.

    Temporary fencing with plastic bases adaptable to any surface.