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Can you guys install my glass pool fencing or glass balustrade on decking?

The general answer is YES WE DO, but following a specific steps. Many of ours competitors are used to install the glass pool fencing attaching the glass panels and spigots (clamps that holds the single panels) directly to decking. We DON’T recommend this option on outdoor applications especially if your choice is frameless glass pool fencing. In fact, timber boards exposed to the weather expands and contract due to rain and sun effecting on the glass panels structure and safety. You might also incur in the common problem of misalignment of the single glass panels. The way we install is to fit a concrete strip footing under the decking boards and secure the spigots into the concrete core drilling through the timber boards. We finish using stainless steel rings to cover the hole around the spigots. With this system, if the timber moves, it wont effect the glass pool fencing or glass balustrade. Another option is to use a special aluminium channel under the decking. We recommend this solution if you are interested in fully frameless glass pool fencing on decking.


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